Local Attractions

Mayaro village has a small but reasonably stocked grocery located very close to the public market.

Nearby Attractions

If all the relaxation is getting to you, and you feel restless during your Mayaro Beach vacation, there are several areas you might want to explore. For example, you can go to Manzanilla Beach for a picnic and a little beachcombing, visit Guayaguayare Beach for a stroll, or even drive beyond Guayaguayare to visit one of the many mud volcanoes in Southern Trinidad.

Other Things To Do

Bush Bush Forest Tour: The Nariva swamp is the largest freshwater wetland in Trinidad & Tobago spanning approximately 24 square miles. Within the wetland is an elevated peninsula known as the Bush Bush Sanctuary.

During the Dry Season, February through April, there is literally a bounty of fresh chip-chip (mini clams) at your feet. With little more than a kitchen sieve you can gather these wild clams, which, with a little effort, can be made into an assortment of dishes, including curry chip-chip and a delicious seafood cocktail.

Assorted Chip-Chip at Mararo Beach in Trinidad Vacation Tip To collect chip-chip, look for clusters of small dimples in the sand close to the waters edge at low tide. Eureka! Your pray has been sighted.

Now, simply dig them out with your hands and put them into the kitchen sieve you brought along and wash off the sand. Then either scald them by poring a little boiling water over them to make them easier to open, or place them in clean, clear seawater for a day, to give them time to expel and sand in their gut, and open them by hand.