Welcome to the Sweet Life...

Wash your Soul

Grip your toes in the sand, stretch your arms out and let the breeze wash your soul, dry it with the sun's early morning rays

Vibrant Community

A vibrant, hard working and close knit community

Bountiful Sea

The bounty of the seas awaits you with the skilled fisherfolk

Amazing Sunrise

Just stand, face the sea, and watch the amazing sunrise

Coconut Lullaby

A sea breeze that never stops, and hundreds of coconut trees singing you to dreamland

Flora & Fauna

Roadways dotted with flowers, and nature to explore

Fresh Produce

Fresh fruits and vegetables daily from local farmers

Place of History

A place with a history, and lots to learn

Sea Shells

Where chip chip and crab dance with receding waves

Endless Shoreline, Endless Fun

An endless shoreline awaits for unlimited fun. Run, walk, swim or drive Mayaro awaits...

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